“Living” by TENDER

UK based indie-pop band TENDER comes to us once more with the eclectic and out of this world gem that is “Living”. With this intoxicating soundscape the guys invite us into their world as we are reminded that inspiration can come from isolation. They take a unique route and showcase more of their artist side in a way that is refreshing and uniquely inviting while still staying true to itself. The blend of melodies and lyrics has something that speaks to our senses and invites our imagination to take flight and find itself exploring the vast unknown of what it is capable of. The voice serves as the perfect guide through this surreal and intoxicating realm as it slow gives us little tastes of the musical ambrosia that it holds. So dive into with no holds barred and explore the vast reality of your own mind and soul. Enjoy!

“It’s about inspired by isolation, before we were isolating. It’s a song about locking yourself away with sadness. Hiding your emotions, in fear of showing how you feel to the world. The segregation only pushing you further into despair.” – James of TENDER

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