“Little More Love” by Evie Irie

Australian indie singer/songwriter/musical goddess Evie Irie comes to Wolf in a Suit with the beautiful and powerful musical escape that is “Little More Love”. With this one of a kind musical creation, she gives life to a soundscape bound to instantly connect with the listeners and remind them of the good that can be found in humanity. There are many things that can easily make you feel despair and anxiety as the world moves forward but there are also amazing rays of hope that give us that sweet dose of love and happiness that we craved. The world has all the shades of the rainbow and sometimes the colors we see might not be the best, but we must always remind ourselves that maybe not today but tomorrow could surely be different and we may catch a glimpse of the magic that is also part of our reality. So listen closely and connect the dots as the track comes alive and pulls you in. Enjoy!

I wrote this song in a time when I felt the world needed a little more love. A year later I have realised that love isn’t just something we need in moments of struggle, love should always be a constant.”  – Evie Irie

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