“Like the Movies” by NYIKO

Indie singer/songwriter NYIKO comes with a fun and extremely relatable musical experience in the gem that is “Like the movies”. With this refreshing and fun soundscape he separates the fantasies of the movies from the reality of life when it comes to the quest for finding love. He embraces the magic show in all the movies and how love always triumph while understanding now that sadly that is not real life. We are fed with visions of something grandiose yet so simple and easy to obtain that we forget that love is much more complex and personally with more magic than a movie could ever grasp. So listen to this vivid and mesmerizing soundscape and embrace the beauty of the reality of life and the quest for the unknown that love is. Enjoy!

“It’s a song about growing up and believing everything we’re fed about love in teenage romance films and tv shows, only to realize that in reality, love is much deeper, much more complex, and ultimately more rewarding.” – NYIKO

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