“Light me up” by The Coronas

Irish indie pop-rock band The Coronas are roaming the lands of the Wolf in a Suit once more and they do so with the beautiful track that is “Light me up”. With this lush and emotion-filled blend of melodies and lyrics, they come to us with something that is not only special but so real and so human. The soundscape comes alive from the very first second and instantly becomes a must for any music lover. There’s something about the track that makes you feel at ease and gives your senses a certain peace that is so hard to find nowadays. The track pulls you instantly and invites you to sway from side to side and sing along as best possible for it surpasses the limits of the speakers and simply becomes a home for you to be you. Enjoy!

“For me, ‘Light Me Up’ is about having someone in your life that knows the real you. I think everyone has moments of self-doubt in certain aspects of their lives, but having someone you can truly be yourself around and just feel accepted and appreciated despite whatever flaws you may have is extremely comforting.” – Danny O’Reilly of The Coronas

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