“Life’s too short” by DENM

Indie singer/songwriter DENM comes to us with an inspiring and perfectly crafted musical creation in his latest, “Life’s too short”. With this soundscape, this amazingly talented artist continues to cement his name into our musical palettes and quite frankly he is already a must for me. As soon as you press play there’s something so positive, so relaxing and so human about the blend of lyrics and melodies that you just smile and close your eyes. There’s a perfectly served dose of magic, honesty and personal experience within the track that immediately captures your attention and makes you feel at ease. Everything about this song makes it a must for any music lover plus it has that added feature of really inspiring you and reminding of you of all the good that’s out there as it tells you softly that we are all blessed. We just need to open our eyes, work hard and really want it to see that it’s all waiting for us. Enjoy!

… A couple weeks later I ended up in a room at Rock Mafia for a writing session. I showed them the demo, they loved it and flipped out. we ended up making an entire album together after that. they signed me as an artist / writer / producer, and the whole trajectory of my life was changed forever. it’s wild what happens when you let go of something in your heart, just to get it back 10 fold. Now I can actually taste my dreams coming true it’s so close. Its all about timing. I just happened to be in the right place at the right time. I don’t know, life’s wild like that. We’ll see what happens, I’m hoping big things. but either way, life’s too short to stress out. I’m just trynna enjoy the ride. Mac AKA DENM

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