“Life” by Reece

Indie singer/songwriter Reece opens up his heart and soul and gives us peek into the bittersweet reality of existence through the perfectly titled “Life”. The track is so raw, so real and personally so haunting and magical in the palpable nature of its lyrics and melodies. Plus his vocals capture the blend of feelings and emotions of the soundscape in a way that is refreshingly captivating. The combination of it all brings us a must listen track that has all the making to be an instant classic and a hit in the music scene. The song speaks to us all for it understands the many ups and downs that we may go through. Close your eyes, listen carefully and know that you are not alone. Enjoy!

‘Life’ is about the struggles many of us face at times with depression and questioning our purpose in life. It’s about the journey of finding that inner strength that resides in all of us and using that strength to move forward and carry on.Reece

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