“Let me have it” by Ellen Krauss

Swedish indie singer/songwriter Ellen Krauss comes to us with the in your face breath of fresh air that is “Let me have it”. With this wonderfully crafted and rebellious soundscape she gives the pop genre a push and a fire that makes it shine once more. The track exceed all expectations and provides our senses with a much needed shake up that allows us to embrace and connect with the verses and melodies of this gem. There’s no denying that she is bound for greatness and her lyrics are proof that there’s a wave coming to the pop music scene that is sure to music lovers excited and in love with the genre once more. So dive into this unknown and enjoy the ride for it’s sure to last for a lifetime.

This track came to life when I was playing around on my new electric guitar. I remember I fell in love with the sharp sound of it and at the time I was in that ”Let Me Have It”-state of mind, where you’re just like, okay give it to me… Whether it’s about jealousy, talking shit or false accusations. Things that are just unfair.” – Ellen Krauss

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