“Left Behind” by Josh Beech

Indie Rock singer/songwriter Josh Beech comes to us once more with his latest must listen musical creation, “Left Behind”. With this track, he brings an acoustic touch along with perfectly crafted rock melodies that carry within the right amount of pop to give it that extra kick. The soundscape immediately pulls you and finds a way to connect the dots for us as it unfolds making a mandatory listen. There’s something about the song that just invites you to push play over and over again as it delivers something new every time. So dive into his world and enjoy this must listen gem with me.

I am stoked to finally be releasing ‘Left Behind’. This is a song close to my heart that made me feel all kinds of feels when I first wrote it on acoustic guitar last year. When I initially wrote’ Left behind I was a bit lost with how I wanted it to be produced, I felt it had the potential to go many different ways but I knew I didn’t just want it to be an acoustic track and I also didn’t want it to lean too pop. I played it to James Dzuris (Mojave Ghost, Dztroit) at my house in North Hollywood Ca at the end of 2018 and we decided to start recording it that day with him producing. This one’s gonna be a fun one to play live, I’m looking forward to putting it in my new setlist for 2019.Josh Beech

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