“Learn to let go” by Welshly Arms

Indie rock band Welshly Arms come to us with a track that really delivers a message that we need to hear at times, say hello to “Learn to let go”. With this electric and honest gem, the guys remind us that is never good to hold on to the bad and that at times we just need to let go. Things come and go, life goes through ups and downs but in the end, we just what we take with us as we grow and personally the bad should only serve as a lesson and nothing else. We all tend to hold on to many issues, but every once in a while we just need a push to learn to let go. So listen carefully because maybe you are in need of that push right now. Enjoy!

As an artist, it’s so easy to get stuck in mental quicksand and overthink everything. ‘Learn To Let Go’ is a reminder to get out of your own head and move on from the past, to open yourself up to the possibilities that might be right in front of you.Sam Getz of Welshly Arms

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