“Landslide” by Holly Abraham

UK based indie singer/songwriter Holly Abraham hits us with the mesmerizing and refreshing gem that is “Landslide”. With exquisite vocal control, well crafted lyrics and enticing melodies she creates a wonderful one of a kind soundscape. She pulls us in an instant and embraces the beauty and ugliness of life to find the light in the dark that at times can be found in new beginnings and starting over. The track shines through with a gentle and inviting reflection of humanity and how at times we just need to find ourselves once more within a reset that gives us a chance to make different decisions and take different routes. So listen carefully and embrace the unique charm and beauty of this must listen gem. Enjoy!

“Landslide is about the beauty that can be found in starting again. When familiar things shift and change, it can often be perceived as a disaster, but “Landslide” reminds us that sometimes the greatest things in life come from the process of undoing, then rebuilding from the ruin.” – Holly Abraham

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