“Know Love” by RKCB

Indie pop duo RKCB are back to Wolf in a Suit and this time around they bring us the poetic and mesmerizing gem that is “Know Love”. Through the verses and melodies of this humanly honestly and real soundscape, they connect with us on a level that is beyond the familiar. The track shoots like an arrow and gives us lyrics that ring true and pure for it understands the frail nature of us all. We seek love yet at times we do not see it, but once it is gone we see the beauty of it and sadly it is too late. Change happens and life takes different routes all the time, but we are the ones that must recognize and fully accept it in order to move forward as people. It’s a gentle reflection on life, love and all the many experiences that we all go through. Enjoy!

“Know Love” was the first song we wrote in London. We had both been reading a book by Alan Watts which ended up inspiring a lot of our new music. At the heart of it, it’s a song about witnessing, recognizing and accepting change. Lyrically, we just tried to capture a true moment in transition. It’s a very personal song about emotional growth but one we think can translate to many different situations.”

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