“Knew you when” by Isla June

Los Angeles based indie singer/songwriter Jenna Maranga aka Isla June comes to us with a haunting and electric gem in “Knew you when”. The track is an honest exploration of the self as you try to rediscover of who you are, who you were and where you want to go. It’s a gentle yet powerful blend of verses and melodies that manage to land home within us as it speaks a language we are familiar with. The soundscape caresses the border between pop and rock and even manages to add a sweet dose of folk into the mix making a must for music lovers all around. She grabs you with a firm hand and invites you to ask yourself many questions that you keep pushing to the side. It’s a much needed reality check that serves to make us reconnect with ourselves and our dreams and our goals. So dive into her world and enjoy this must listen gem.

“I wrote ‘Knew You When’ just before quitting my full time day job in Advertising. After spending the last four years sitting in an office all day, I was itching to leave and create more space to pursue music. For nearly a decade I had watched (admittedly with some envy) those around me – friends and old classmates from my days at NYU’s Clive Davis Institute – choose music over everything else. I kept thinking back to the last time I really put music first, when I truly fell in love with writing and performing. It was with my best friends in high school in the first band I was ever in. Knew You When is that bittersweet nostalgia for a time I missed dearly, for a version of myself I missed dearly. That probably sounds lame, but if I’m being totally honest, Knew You When became the push I needed to finally say fuck it. So here I am now. Fuck it!”

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