“Kiss like the sun” by Jake Bugg

UK based singer/songwriter Jake Bugg is one of my personal favorites and with the gem that is “Kiss like the sun” he is sure to become yours as well. The track is playful and inviting and there’s something about the lyrics that make it so vividly intoxicating and refreshing to our senses. The track flows with natural ease through the airwaves painting a picture that immediately finds a way to connect with our imagination. The story unfolds and speaks of someone so mesmerizing, so magical yet so filled with “Danger” signs that you that he/she is an adventure just for once or twice. So listen carefully and dive into this world that Jake has created. Enjoy!

“I love working with Andrew Watt and I’m really pleased with the sound of this track. I wanted to write something that was fun and a bit light-hearted.” – Jake Bugg

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