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“Kills you slowly” by The Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers land once more at Wolf in a Suit and this time around they do so with a tale that is eerily familiar with “Kills you slowly”. With this soundscape, they transport us to a story of a toxic relationship that knows the end is near yet does not fully accept it even though all the signs are there. There’s no communication and only chaos accompanied by the constant act of being happy and in love when in reality all you want to do is stay as far as you can from that person. There’s something so bittersweet yet so familiar when you hear the song as most if not all of us have been in similar situations, sadly for me, it was a reminder of the past that is now gone but once I heard this song I was immediately transported back. Now I can say that I am glad things went bust and that we finally realized what was always there, and probably it might have been there half the ride. So listen, embrace it, accept it and enjoy this amazing track as you reminisce with new eyes about the past.

“…hold it, even though it kills you slowly explosions,

hidden when we’re in the open

keep on smiling, until it’s over

hold it, even though it kills you slowly…”

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