“Kill your darlings” by The Animen

From Switzerland come the utterly talented indie rock band, The Animen, with their latest must listen creation, “Kill your darlings”. With this single the band make their return to the music scene after the delivery of the freshman and sophomore albums (  ‘Hi’ (2013) and ‘Are We There Yet’ (2015) ). They provide the listeners with a charming and passionate soundscape that takes a hold of our senses and make us feel the need to be thrilled. The track is without a doubt an instant hit and allows old and new fans to fall in love with what this amazing band has to offer the world. There’s no denying it, we are in for something exciting and in a way needed as their sound hypnotizes and connects with us all in a way that is so unique and so mesmerizing. So listen carefully and enjoy this amazing ride they have pulled us into.

“…End of the road, time of reproach

Your eyes like thunder put me six feet under

We lose the thread, this part of us is dead

It’s nobody’s fault, but love, sometimes it can’t save it all…”

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