“Keep your eyes open” by Emma McGrath

UK based indie singer/songwriter Emma McGrath comes to us with a haunting and riveting musical gem in “Keep your eyes open”. With this contemporary and honest blend of melodies and lyrics she draws inspiration from how social media has changed the way we live. She explores these changes and how it has become a freeing experience while also bringing forth more judgement from the world. It’s a uniquely raw and well thought out soundscape that instantly connects with the listeners for it understands us. She draws from personal experience and in that experience there’s a certain universality that is just so refreshing to find in music nowadays. So listen carefully to this marvelous musical creation and by mesmerizing by how the verses unfold to tell story that is so human. Enjoy!

“In a way, social media frees us because it makes all information available, but it also confines us because it can get you stuck in a cycle of comparing yourself to others and leaves you open to other people’s unfiltered opinions”. – Emma McGrath

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