“Kaleidoscopes” by Armen Paul

New York-based indie singer/songwriter Armen Paul blends pop and electronica in the sweet melodic gem that is “Kaleidoscopes”. With this refreshing one of a kind soundscape, he embodies all of us whether we like to admit it or not. There’s something so ethereal and surreal yet so palpable and real that our senses find an instant connection waiting for us. His voice makes for the perfect guide as we explore each and every inch within this sonic realm that has so perfectly unfolded in front of us from the moment we press play. The track is uniquely crafted and something about it is so exciting and intoxicating as it pulls us deeper and deeper down this rabbit hole that Armen has created. You dive into without any knowledge of what to expect but thankfully something electric awaits and invites us to speak not with others but with our hearts and souls. Enjoy!

“Kaleidoscopes is a song that romanticizes the act of  running away from myself”…”I wrote it at a time when I used hiding and spiraling out of control as a means of avoiding some difficult realities I needed to come to terms with.” – Armen Paul

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