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“Just so you know” by Laur Elle

Canadian indie singer/songwriter/musical goddess Laur Elle takes her power back and delivers a contemporary anthem with “Just so you know”. With this refreshing and cathartic experience, the talented artist allows her self to pour her feelings out in the open and as she does so she invites us all to share as well. There’s something so soothing, so amazing and so in touch with the escapism that we at times need from what transpires out in the world and in the harsh reality of relationships. She does not sugarcoat the pain that was once felt but instead finds a motivation to let her fire burn once more and with more potency than before. There’s truly something special here and something so perfectly in sync with what the human experience is about at times. We can let go of the rules for a  bit and simply sing along to the verses and melodies of this amazing soundscape. So jump with me into the unknown that lies within this track and let us enjoy a must listen musical creation from an artist whose name is bound to shine along with the brightest stars. Enjoy!

“I wrote this song after I had hit the lowest of lows in a personal relationship. I had felt weak, lost, and unsure of who I was anymore. I made the decision to take back my power and slowly regain my voice. Using an unfiltered and honest tone, the song shines a light on a very toxic relationship and shifts the focus to a place of strength.”

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