“Just Because” by Suns Up

From the UK comes indie pop band Suns Up and their insightful and personal gem, “Just Because“. With this exquisite blend of pop melodies, real-life inspire lyrics and soothing and inviting vocals the guys have crafted a must listen soundscape. There’s something about the song that while personal to the author of it finds a way to connect with us all with such naturality that you are just blown away. The song flows with ease through the airwaves and embraces our hearts with such passion and warmth that you just want and need more of it. So listen closely, sway from side to side, smile and let your heart become one with this amazing track. Enjoy!

I had an opening line and a melody that I really liked, but the rest took time to get right. I’m not a very open person, but I find in my music that I am. This song turned out to be quite personal to me about someone close and I wanted the music to do justice to that.Dave of Suns Up

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