“Juliet” by Marsicans

UK based indie band Marsicans come to us with a sweet and electric blend of pop and rock with their latest must listen gem, “Juliet”. With this exquisite and utterly refreshing soundscape they blend melodies and lyrics to give our senses a much needed dose of music. The track is so intoxicating and so vivid that your imagination will instantly connect with it and transport you to this world that they have crafted. The track lends itself to pull you in and serve you something that you did not know you needed but after a first listen you’ll be hooked forever. So listen to the sounds and verses of one of the most exciting up and coming bands from the UK. Enjoy!

“…Tonight I’ll let in the cold
Hoping it’ll turn the tide
But it’s 4 outside.
Tonight I’ll look up again
Settle down as the light surfs in
with the coolest grin…”

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