“Jenny” by KOJ

From Germany comes one of the most exciting and talented trios in the world, say hello to KOJ and their exquisite musical gem, “Jenny”. With this sweet and honest blend of melodies and lyrics they paint a picture that is so poetic, so real and so intoxicating that your senses are sure to crave more and more. The soundscape flows with inexplicable ease through the airwaves telling a story that mesmerizes us as it takes shape and form right in front of us. Each note passes by and each verse goes with them pulling us closer and closer to what this track hopes to tell us. It explodes into reality becoming a most welcomed release from our at times mundane reality as it speaks to our hearts and souls with something so vivid and charming. So dive into it and enjoy the ride!

“Jenny was written in our home studio and it was a very intuitive and collaborative process. The three of us started jamming randomly at the beginning of a songwriting session and it just sort of came together. Beray Habip, our producer and engineer, coordinated the whole thing and guided us through the process of making the song. In a way Jenny came out of thin air, but then again this is one of those songs that seems to have been waiting somewhere in the collective subconscious just to be written. Basically it only took us one day to write the entire track and record a demo version. It was such a wonderful feeling to listen to Jenny at the end of that day, realising that ‘wow, we really did this!’. We then took the demo to Toolhouse Studios to record the final version of the song.

So, the song is called Jenny, which originally came from ‘Jennifer Lawrence’, which was the working title for the track. The song has a line about a silver lining, so we thought of ‘Silver Linings’ and about Jennifer Lawrence. We had started this weird habit on previous songs of temporarily naming the songs after celebrities, before committing to a proper song title. We created quite the line-up with names such as Pamela Anderson or Scarlett Johansson, before renaming them for the album. Jennifer Lawrence became Jenny and stayed this way, because the name also has a very personal reference and connection to the theme of the song.” – KOJ

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