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“Is your lover still cool” by Dom Youdan

Based in Australia, Brittish singer/songwriter Dom Youdan comes to Wolf in a Suit for the first time with his latest honest and mesmerizing single, “Is your lover still cool”. With this soundscape, the talented artist speaks to us about growing up and reminiscing about loving someone when you were young and not so “cool”. The lyrics mature and grow as the song takes shape touching on the various different so call signals of being a geek or cool and wondering if they still matter. It understands that as you become an adult, things start changing and what mattered before may not matter today and you are now aware that maybe you are cool now and always were. You wondered if this person is still with that person whom she deemed so cool before and if not, maybe he/she might be open to a new cool guy/gal (you). Enjoy!

“I was an outrageous geek growing up, ‘Is Your Lover Still Cool’ speaks to that. Of not fitting in and feeling something for someone who doesn’t really see you. This song’s as much about gaining perspective as it is falling in love.” 

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