“IRL” by Molly Moore

Indie queen Molly Moore comes to Wolf in a Suit with the personal and introspective musical creation that is “IRL” (In Real Life). With this track she explores within her own truths and gives us a chance to find a real and honest reflection of ourselves. The verses and melodies come together to craft a soundscape that is pure and in it’s own unique way, rebellious yet much welcomed. She speaks about how there has been trend in regards of social media and how reality truly is, there’s a discrepancy at times that makes it hard for us to keep up with the fantasy that the internet allows us. She opens herself up knowing that criticism may arise, but the truth as that it is refreshing and mesmerizing to find someone as brave as her. So let’s raise our glasses and cheer Molly to stay true to herself and while we are at it, let’s borrow that page from her book and do the same. Enjoy!

This is the first song off my first full length album. The title IRL AKA “In Real Life” has a big meaning to me right now as I’ve been embracing a lot of difficult truths in my own reality. It seems super easy to portray only the good things about your life to people, in person or on social media; But for me, doing that has been stifling and extremely unhealthy. After facing the death of my father at 25 and the end of a 6 year relationship shortly after, I was so vulnerable and broken that sharing my truth in every aspect has been the only way I’ve started to cope. Ultimately, I think everyone wants to be accepted as themselves and comfortable in their authentic form. I’ve given myself permission to embrace and share my scariest thoughts and experiences, even if initially it makes people uncomfortable or they can’t understand, because I think it’s incredibly important and our duty as human beings to have meaningful and progressive conversation.” – Molly Moore

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