“Inmate 8576” by Adam Jensen

Indie singer/songwriter Adam Jensen comes to us with the unique and refreshing blend of melodies and lyrics that is “Inmate 8576”. With this soundscape he draws inspiration from his time in jail and how things look in the inside and in the outside. It’s a one of a kind track that comes from a place that few can actually understand, but he paints a picture that we can all connect with. The song flows naturally through the airwaves grabbing us by surprise but making us feel welcomed as we explore each and every verse and sound. Adam has picked a low moment to inspire himself and to share a sweet dose of musical greatness and human growth. Enjoy!

“I went to prison for a few months last summer for assault with dangerous weapon. I was defending my little sister from two scumbags who were harassing and threatening her while following her home from a bar. That’s all I’m going to say about that. But, the whole time I was locked up, all I could think about was making music. Oh, and shout out to C-Pod, Kenny the bank robber and Mack the Barber.” – Adam Jensen

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