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“Inevitable” by Orla Gartland

Irish indie/songwriter Orla Gartland comes to us with the mesmerizing dream-pop gem from her latest EP titled “Inevitable”. With this bittersweet musical creation, she opens up her heart and soul and delivers a story of heartache as a relationship approaches its ending. She understands that sadly there’s no way to avoid as the love that united them is leaving the picture, therefore, there’s no escaping the impending heartbreak. It accepts the sad fate with maturity and careful understanding that while painful, it must be done and both parties must say goodbye. There’s something so raw, so touching and so human about this soundscape that it simply pulls you and gets you hooked in an instant. Listen and enjoy this bittersweet must listen gem.

“…And you’re nicely dressed in my Sunday best
And I touch your chest but you don’t care
So I bite my cheeks and I walk the streets
Just to breathe air…”

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