“Indigo Blue” by Sean Christopher

From the Netherlands comes Sean Christopher with his voice and his guitar to invite us into the realm of “Indigo Blue”. With sweet and intoxicating melodies and lyrics, he speaks through soft vocals inviting us to explore the magic of this soundscape he has created. There’s something about this track that fills us with a unique dose of hope and happiness that is hard to explain but it definitely feels like something you want to share. The track is a perfect soothing anthem for the hearts and souls of the masses as we all traverse the current situation together and looking towards the future that is sure to look brighter than today. He has given us a much-needed release from the stress and the uncertainty that we are going through even if it is for the length of this track. Enjoy!

“Today nobody knows what the future holds. Indigo Blue’ will be released in these uncertain times. A song about love and how love can transcend everything. When I actively started to meditate, I read about Indigo; the colour of wisdom, intuition, perception and creativity. Virtues that will show us the way.” – Sean Christopher

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