“In my room” by Moncrieff

Irish indie singer/songwriter Moncrieff comes to us with the perfect track for our current times with “In my room”. With this bittersweet and honest blend of melodies and lyrics, he explores the current reality of the world as we all have to remain within our rooms as much possible for the safety of everyone. It’s a genuine and refreshing exploration of the mental state of the world as we all now have to cope with the bittersweet reality of staying safe and staying sane as the world loses its marbles for a bit. The soundscape embraces the reality of life in the current times and does play with fantasies but instead embraces the reality in a way that is inviting and quite captivating. Enjoy!

“I hope you’re all staying safe and relatively sane during these crazy days. So I wrote something that’s basically about how I feel about all the madness of the last few days. I’ve decided to release it in its raw demo form, it feels like the world is ending so fuck it why not.– Moncrieff

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