“I’m Alone” by Aman Sheriff

UAE indie singer/songwriter Aman Sheriff embrace the singer/songwriter persona and delivers the sweet escape that is “I’m Alone”. With this refreshing and soothing escape from reality, he embraces the ups and downs of life and how at times our minds play games. He explores the harsh facts that few seldom want to talk about as he tackles depression and anxiety in a way that makes it easy to connect with. He invites us to bring our walls down and realize that while we may not know him, we have a friend in him as he goes through life with the same questions we have. Sometimes we can’t quite understand what’s going as we feel lost and sad but he shares his own tale to help us have a better understanding of this. So listen carefully and know that we are all in this adventure called life and no one is truly alone. I am here for you through my site, he is here for you through his music and you are here for us through your listens and your visits. Enjoy!

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