“I’m a mess” by SoFIA Lainovic

German indie singer/songwriter SoFIA Lainovic comes to us with the uniquely charming and intoxicating musical realm of “I’m a mess”. With this track she explores the frail and sometimes toxic nature of people as we ourselves are blinded by a feeling that is not being properly showcased. She understands that at times we mess up and we push people away and then want to pull them back but it’s not always that easy. She invites to take a good look at ourselves and see the mistakes made and really use them to learn and to grow. The soundscape is a mesmerizing and quite honest showcase of how we can mess up something that could have been special. Enjoy!

“This is a song about realization, about messing up and coming to terms with it. It`s about liking someone a lot, but still pushing them away. It’s about unhealthy coping mechanisms and reflection.” – SoFIA Lainovic

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