“I’m a mess” by Cristina Hart

Swiss born UK based indie singer/songwriter Cristina Hart comes to Wolf in a Suit with an honest and introspective musical creation in “I’m a mess”. With this track she embodies every single one of us as she embraces the fact that she is not perfect and while doing so reminds us that we are equally fragile as well. We always try to find perfection and act as we were deserving of it yet forget to realize how imperfect we can be. She invites us to not step away from this reality but to embrace it and see the beauty that resides within it as her verses and melodies come together and caress our hearts and souls. There’s something so uplifting and inspiring about this soundscape that you can’t help but smile as you explore each and ever corner of this musical realm. So listen, embrace your imperfections and enjoy the sweet adventure that we have been invited to.

‘I find that by sharing negative experiences through fun songs, I can spread honesty and positivity with my audience’ – Cristina Hart

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