“I’ll Wait” by TIËRNY

From the UK comes the uber-talented indie singer/songwriter TIËRNY and she does so with the honest and bittersweet soundscape of “I’ll Wait”. With this mesmerizing and intoxicating musical creation, she gives life to a world that finds a balance between love and hate in a most unique and human manner. The soundscape flows with ease through the airwaves as it paints a picture that is sure to connect with the listeners for it does not borrow from fantasies but from real experiences. There’s something about the way the track comes alive that invites us in a allows us to be part of it in a way that is so mesmerizing and gratifying. So listen closely and embrace the sweet release offered by this amazing track. Enjoy!

“All of my songs are about me coming to terms with myself in one way or another. I wanted to reflect the duality and irony of hate\love and that fine line you tread when in an all consuming relationship. The person in question didn’t love me anymore. This was my way of trying to reconcile with one final declaration of love. It was me saying I’m still here if you ever change your mind. It’s a sad banger, heartbreak you can dance to ” TIËRNY

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