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If you’re meant to come back

“If you’re meant to come back” by Justin Jesso

Indie singer/songwriter Justin Jesso comes to us with an honest and gentle reminder with “If you’re meant to come back”. With this beautifully crafted and inviting soundscape he reminds us all that life comes to on its own and that life can’t always be programmed. We don’t make the rules for the universe to follow, sometimes they are just made out of nowhere and it’s not always going to be in our favor. It’s a magical blend of melodies and lyrics that lets us know that love is one of those things that does not follow our rules and we should embrace this unique feature because it gives it something special. Life is filled with unknowns and this should not push us to desperation or sadness but to a better understanding of our hearts and souls. Enjoy!

“I’m always looking for answers and there’s one thing I’ve learned: You shouldn’t demand things from life too stubbornly. Everything happens when it’s supposed to happen. The universe follows its own rules. The more desperate you wait or hope for something, the longer it might take. You have to be patient. Music has always helped me to better understand my emotions. Today, I’m glad if I’m able to support people and touch their lives with my songs.” – Justin Jesso

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