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“Ice Cream” by MIKA

A new high in excitement has been reached here at Wolf in a Suit as MIKA, yes the uber-talented singer/songwriter/creative genius has landed with his latest single, “Ice Cream”. With this utterly mesmerizing, sensual and inviting soundscape, he delivers what can only be described as the perfect song for the summer to come. The track is so playfully seductive that as it takes shape and form you can’t help but want more and more of it as it becomes intoxicating ambrosia that the gods of music have decided to let us mortals enjoy. So jump into the water because trust it is just right and allow your senses to enjoy a sweet dose of music gold courtesy of one of the most amazing artists in the music industry, MIKA. Enjoy!

“The song is a daydream fantasy.” MIKA adds, “It shimmers like a mirage, and makes me feel like anything is possible. Inspired by the irreverent attitude of the music of the 90s; George Michael among others. Dare to be the more proud version of yourself. Dare to be a sensual man, dare to express out loud the desires you always keep inside your head. That’s why and how I wrote it.”

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