“I wonder” by Bay Ledges

Los Angeles based indie pop-rock band Bay Ledges comes to us with an exquisite taste from their latest EP with the gem that is “I Wonder”. With this honest, refreshing and bittersweet creation, they explore the many questions that arise after things end. Whether it was a good or bad breakup you end up asking yourself how that person is doing, where they are at and what went down in their lives. Is not always part of a romantic fantasy, sometimes the thought just pops into your head and with this track maybe you can keep it away or turn it into something positive. The band understands that we are human and we want to know things and sometimes they are not the best things to know, but we still do and maybe we just want to know everything is ok. So enter their soundscape and shed a tear or two but be happy because you are not alone. Enjoy!

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