“I should have fought for you” by The Satellite station

Ohio native Travis Rue aka The Satellite Station comes to us with the heartfelt and powerful must listen gem that is “I should have fought for you”. With this exquisite soundscape, he paints a picture that is so raw, so real and so refreshingly human that you can’t help but feel connected with what lies within this story. He lets his voice take hold of the lyrics as we are guided to a world that instantly sinks into our souls for it whispers words that are intoxicating and haunting. There’s something about this track that is sure to resonate with anybody that gets a chance to dive into this much-welcomed soundscape. So fall into this realm and embrace the beauty, the magic and the reminder that we need to take care of those that surround us because never know how long they will be there. Enjoy!

“This song questions the difference between how we feel and how we present ourselves to the world. How we often are so caught up in our own existence that we fail to see the people who need help around us.” – The Satellite Station

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