“I love the way you see the world” by Petter Carlsen

Norwegian indie singer/songwriter Petter Carlsen comes to us with an inspiring and refreshing blend of melodies and lyrics in “I love the way you see the world”. With this amazing track the uber-talented Norway based artist paints a picture of someone whose view of life is so intoxicating and welcomed. The verses come one after the other to remind us that life is full of ups and downs but we should not falter and change because someone or something wants us to, she should keep on moving forward being true to ourselves. That really hits deep as the track takes shape and form and you realize that the person he speaks off is not just someone he knows but what he hopes for himself and the rest of us. Enjoy!

“The song is a tribute to the ones who believe in the good in other people, and the ones who do good for other people. Who dare to stand upright, to stand out from the masses, armed with smiles and common decency.” – Petter Carlsen

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