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“I Like (the idea of) You” by Tessa Violet

Uber-talented indie pop singer/songwriter/musical goddess Tessa Violet comes to us with the beauty and magic of “I like (the idea of) you”. With this exhilarating soundscape she blends fantasy and reality in a manner that is so charming and relatable for the listeners. We are pulled and instantly find that the lyrics tell a story that we can embrace and feel personal for it is clear that it comes from experiences that are part of the human condition. There’s a sweet dose of magic and rebellion within the track that makes it a must for music lovers all around. So open your eyes wide open, let your senses have fun and allow your imagination to roam freely as the track pulls you in a bit more with each second. Enjoy!

“…Get everything that you want, my love, my time, my money
You think I’d learn but I love your touch is sweet like honey
There’s nothing I wouldn’t do to hear you call me funny
Guess I’m a sucker for you…”

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