“I don’t mind” by Adam Hender

UK based indie singer/songwriter Adam Hender comes to us with the emotion-filled musical gem that is “I don’t mind”. With this enticing and honest blend of melodies and lyrics he opens up his heart and soul to show us something. He tells a story that is so real and so raw as he speaks of a love that is sadly not reciprocated, but he has accepted that reality and still wants the happiness of the person he loves. The track is selfless and so beautiful as it embraces a sad reality while wanting the best for the person who gave him the chance to feel the love that is making his heart beat a little faster. The track is understands that love is not an obligation and sometimes it just happens that you fall for someone who does not feel the same. There’s a certain mesmerizing and intoxicating feel within this soundscape that just hooks you in. So listen, embrace the beauty of the story and enjoy the ride whoever short or long it may be.

“‘I Don’t Mind’ is a song about loving someone so much, even though they don’t love you back. Being there for them even though they’re not there for you. It’s about wanting that person to be happy even if it’s not with you. Unconditional.” – Adam Hender

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