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“I do” by CAPPA

Los Angeles based indie singer/songwriter CAPPA brings to us an indie pop gem for the broken-hearted with her single, “I Do”. With this beautifully bittersweet blend of lyrics and melodies, she connects with us all as we easily embrace the feelings and emotions that dwell in this soundscape. The track speaks about what happens after a breakup when you desperately want to move on but your heart is still stuck and wants you to go back but you know you need to walk away. It’s about the battle between the heart and the brain in which the brain is on the right side of the equation for the heart is still blinded by what once was. So listen to this amazing pop soundscape and embrace the relatable and honest feel of it. Enjoy!

“‘I Do’ is a slight departure from my previous singles because it is a little more emotional and raw lyrically. I wrote it after going through a pretty bad breakup. Its about knowing that you shouldn’t take someone back and everything in you should be able to walk away from it but for some reason you can’t. I used some more organic instrumentation in it than I did with some of my previous songs making it sound a little more dreamy – I’m really excited for people to hear it a different side.”

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