“Hurts to be hurt” by Vargas & Lagola

Swedish indie duo Vargas & Lagola open up their hearts and souls to deliver the sonic experience that is “Hurts to be hurt”. With this powerful blend of melodies and lyrics they speak to our hearts and make our senses connect the dots as the story takes shape and form. The track is a must for any music lover as it has all the right ingredients to not only speak to you but serve with a much needed intoxicating feel that will find a home within you. There’s something so subtle yet so passionate about this soundscape that you just jump into it without expecting anything but obtaining everything. They have create a soundscape so raw, so honest and so magical at the same time. So listen carefully and enjoy the ride that is being set right in front of you.

“…It hurts to be hurt
We’re lovers on the road again
Nothing is the same, but still it is
Yeah, still it is
Don’t you know it feels good to feel good
You linger like an old refrain
Nothing is the same, but still it is
Yeah, still it is…”

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