“Hurdles” by Pagoda

Indie band Pagoda comes to us with charming pop melodies and the right ambiance to catch our attention with “Hurdles”. With this perfectly crafted soundscape they speak of love and how it comes with ups and downs that make it so real and so beautiful. It reminds us that loving someone is not only about the rainbows and butterflies but also about the walls that will be needed to break down. The guys embrace the entirety of the experience with open arms and in that inspire us to do the same because if someone is worth the effort then we better be sure to give everything we got. So listen and let your heart and soul connect as the soundscape takes shape and form and pull you to fee you with a much needed dose of romance. Enjoy!

“Loving someone is like choosing to run a race together that doesn’t have a finish line. There are highs and lows, hills to climb and slide down, and then there are hurdles. Some are shorter than a step and some are so tall that you can’t see over them. With enough work, and the right running partner, these obstacles can only make your love stronger. “Hurdles” is a thoughtful, optimistic exploration of the race that every couple runs painted with a brush of warm, tropical Synthpop.” – Pagoda

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