“Hunt me down” by Pace

UK based indie pop band Pace comes to Wolf in a Suit with the intoxicating and mesmerizing musical gem that is “Hunt me down”. With this honest and captivating blend of melodies and lyrics they touch not only our senses but our hearts and souls as well. The track is poetically magical and so beautiful as it pull us in and makes us feel an instant connection. The soundscape carries a story that is not just theirs but has the capacity to be our as the verses take shape and form and dance with our imagination. So listen closely and enjoy this unique and charming adventure.

“This song was one of the many we wrote, but it feels special as it was originally written on an old harmonium Adrian bought for almost nothing at a random flea market. It has its spirit and it gave me a new inspiration to write this song about facing our own fears in life, rather than suppressing them and leaving them unspoken and behind. Because they never disappear just like that. We have to be brave enough to face them and work on them, otherwise, they’ll silently Hunt Us Down.” – Adam of Pace

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