“How do we look so good?” by Stellie

From Australia comes the uber-talented and mesmerizing Stellie with her nostalgic and charming musical creation, “How do we look so good?”. With this exquisite soundscape she blends melodies and lyrics perfectly to create an experience that is sure to play with your emotions. The track flows with supernatural ease like breeze through the airwaves caressing our senses as it speaks words that feel so ours. Her voice instantly hooks us in and gives us the chance to explore a world that is both so surreal and down to earth at the same time. There’s something about this that borrows from that unknown magic that is necessary to be a song for the books. So listen and dive into her magic. Enjoy!

“How Do We Look So Good? Is about feeling guilty for not really feeling guilty at all. I wanted this track to generate a sense of nostalgia. Kind of like a dreary, hazy dream that you don’t ever want to wake up from.

This song is the first of many that represent the new era of Stellie, a world I cannot wait to explore and share with you all.” – Stellie

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