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“House on Fire” by LP

The eclectic, electric and utterly mesmerizing LP gives us a sweet taste of her talent with the bittersweet taste of “House on Fire”. With this honesty, human and relatable musical creation she grabs us and pulls us immediately into the world that resides within her lyrics and her emotions. The track understands the bittersweet reality of love and that at times when you don’t know where you stand and what you are fighting for you feel as if everything is burning down. One day it can all be heavenly perfection and another day as close to hell as you can possibly imagine. It understands how hard it is to simply let go and accept that maybe it is time to run and take what you can from the fires of this broken partnership. So open your eyes and let your senses capture the magic of this gem and make your choice, whether you jump into the fire or run, I will not judge for love is personal and no one can tell you what to do. Enjoy!

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