“Hot Tears” by Fiona Silver

Indie singer/songwriter/musical goddess Fiona Silver opens up her heart and soul to deliver the indie rock gem that is “Hot Tears”. With this exquisite musical creation she blends melodies and lyrics to speak of life, love and heartache in a way that is refreshing and intoxicating. Her voice is powerful and really shines through as it gives our senses a sweet blend of feelings and emotions that are so real and so raw. The track is humanity personified in a way that just speaks our language and knows how to play with our imagination in a manner that is so exciting. So listen closely, get on you car and enjoy this one of a kind ride!

“‘Hot Tears’ came together in pieces, from different bits of poetry. It is a collage of different moments and emotions, a montage of memories which culminated in Hot Tears… flushed with love, grief, frustration and heartache.” – Fiona Silver

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