“Hopeless Romantics” by Emmrose

New York city based indie singer/songwriter Emmrose comes to us with a vivid and haunting musical gem in “Hopeless Romantics”. With this exquisite track she continues to show the world that age is just a number and that talent knows no bounds. Her lyrics and melodies come together and make the airwaves that surround us all most mesmerizing and welcoming. The track shines through telling a story of love, hope and a poetic dose of heartache as questions arise and doubt takes center stage. Fall down this rabbit hole for something special awaits making this song one to be excited about as it speaks to hearts and ours portraying something so human and so raw. Enjoy!

“…Friends with benefits but
What’s the benefit,
I don’t think you understand,
What’s on my mind,
What’s on yours…”

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