“Honey Wasp” by Pikes

Swedish indie singer/songwriter Christoffer Ling aka Pikes comes to Wolf in a Suit for the first time with the honest gem that is “Honey Wasp”. With this fantastic union of melodies and lyrics he explores the ins and outs of envy as he accepts that he is just like all of us and has fallen prey to it before. He reminds us that there’s nothing wrong with it as it’s part of human nature but what we do with that envy is what makes difference between good and bad. You can use it to motivate yourself to aim higher, do better, test yourself as you become an improved version of yourself and not just the copy of someone else (even though at times that’s your first wish). So listen and explore the ups and downs that are part of this amazing soundscape. Enjoy!

“‘Honey Wasp’ is in many ways a song about jealousy. I can feel envy towards people who are in better contact with their feelings than I am. Unfortunately, sometimes there is still a small voice from my childhood within me that tells me that It’s wrong to dare to show myself weak, talk about my shortcomings and show myself vulnerable. I think this is a problem that many people can relate to, especially straight men since that’s the group of people still most influenced by the “macho” culture.” – Pikes

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