“Hold onto this” by Matt Storm

Canadian indie singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Matt Storm comes to us with the honest and refreshingly inviting gem that is “Hold onto this”. With this exquisite musical creation he explores the ins and outs of life as moments come one after the other shaping us to be who we are today. It understands that the good and the bad are part of this adventure and they are the ingredients that give it color and worth to all. The track is so beautifully poetic and somewhat bittersweet but so real and so raw that connecting with it comes naturally to all us from the very first listen. The soundscape is intoxicating and captures you soul as it tells a story that can easily be ours. Enjoy!

“…Places that you seen, are fading in your mind

You struggle just to grasp, the concept of time

Maybe you won’t learn, just what it all should mean

Maybe all we’re good for, is making memories…”

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