“Hold on to me” by Jacob and Fanny

Indie pop duo Jacob and Fanny come to Wolf in a Suit for the first time and they immediately leave a mark with their single, “Hold on to me”. With this amazingly mesmerizing and heartfelt track, they open up their hearts and souls and show a vulnerable side that is rarely seen and heard in music nowadays. The track is a welcomed showcase of what dwells inside the hearts of those who hope, who wish, who desire something great and outside the reach of the mundane. They remind us that there’s something so magically unique that simply calling it love would be an understatement and it has what we all desperately need and want. The lyrics paint a picture that along with the melodies grab a hold of our hearts and makes them beat just a little faster as we smile, we dance, we jump and simply enter the unknown of this new realm. It’s an immediate connection that you’ll find with this song and if you need a little help hold on to me and I’ll guide you through this sweet and honest soundscape. Enjoy!

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