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“HMLTM” by Novaa

German indie pop singer/songwriter Novaa comes to Wolf in a Suit once more and she does so with the honest beauty and magic of “HMLTM”. With this track, she is honest with her feelings, emotions, and needs as she expresses her desire to be with someone in the privacy of intimacy. The lyrics and melodies come as a breath of fresh air that reminds the world that everyone has a right and personally must have the pleasures of feeling someone’s touch and touch them back as a fire is ignited in their bodies. This comes as a personal letter to her body and soul as she had gone through many things prior and being able to express herself and her wants was empowering and necessary. Along with other people in the world, the road to acceptance is not always clear and what is simple to some is not the same for others. So listen to this soundscape as it unfolds and grab a hold of yourself and caress each inch possible and know that you are beautiful. Enjoy!

There was a time in my teens when I didn’t like my body and didn’t treat it in a loving way. That included my eating and exercise habits, how much I worked and how little I rested, the way I looked at and talked to it and it also included that I felt ashamed for getting physical with others. As I recovered from bulimia and healed the connection between my mind and body again, I also learned how to value, appreciate and take care of it again. Writing “HMTLM” was my way of manifesting how to treat my body and its needs in a caring and loving way.“HMLTM” might come off as an ordinary song about getting physical with someone and actually that’s exactly what it’s meant to be. Often as a woman it’s not considered to be ordinary or normal to talk about your physical needs and your sexuality without feeling ashamed for it. With “HMLTM” I wanted to write a song that is upfront and talks open about it.Novaa

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